Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am so excited to finally be able to say that I have had 15 sales! Just 5 more to 20, which I am sure you all could have deduced yourselves after doing the math.

My shop is looking better than it used to. I made some new stuff, and I still have one thing to list. It's a locket pendant necklace with miscellaneous watch parts discombobulated inside.

On another note, my mom and I were going through pictures tonight, and lo and behold, for the first time in my 24 years, I saw a picture of my great grandma Tatar. She looks like a gypsy (go figure... my family was comprised of gypsies prior to moving to the States). Part of it is because I guess she had a brain tumor and so she was losing her hair and she wore a scarf over her head, but even the prints on her clothing and the colors of her clothing and the style... 100% gypsy. It was so much fun to have been able to do that with my mom. We also found some photos of Kuwaitt (Spell?) that my uncle took when he was enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. It looks like such a beautiful place. I'd like to find the letters he wrote her because they contain information about the pictures.

I have some big news, but I can't share it yet. Hopefully soon, though!

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