Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog Day One

Hello all! Welcome to my blog! I can promise you several things:

1. I will try to blog at least once a week;
2. I will try to blog about *interesting* things, like what my current inspiration is, what I'm working on, how I choose what to buy and how I put things together;
3. I will answer your questions;
4. I will try to get you guys involved!

I think that the most important thing a business could do is involve its patrons/potential patrons. It's how you get to know me, and how I get to know you.

Factoid: Kissvamps is my identity for a few reasons: my sister has a shop on Etsy, too, called Kisszombies, so I played off her name. I picked Vampires because I love them- I think they are fascinating and wonderful and horrible-- not that I like horrible things, but I'm sure some of you get what I am saying.

Have a great day!

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