Sunday, May 30, 2010

Production Assistance

I have finally got so many ideas for creating (well, a few, anyway) but... I can't escape my toddler! So tomorrow, I am hoping I will have a chance to kick my daughter and hubby out for a bit so I can get *something* Etsy-related created, and maybe set up my office space I blogged about. We'll see how lucky I actually end up being.

How is everyone's Memorial Weekend going? Mine's going alright, it's a pretty typical weekend for me, nothing terribly exciting. I am going out to my grandfather's grave tomorrow. I feel bad, I haven't been out to it for a while.

My free shipping sale ended. Guess how many sales that resulted in?!

That's right. 0

Hopefully I will be able to start establishing myself and build a following or some kind of customer base. BAH! It's so frustrating sometimes.

I am really hoping all of my Twilight bracelets will sell. I know I blog about them all the time, but I put a lot of love and time and work into them. It would be a tragedy if nothing ever came of them. And it would also burn a huge hole in my pocket. I guess in the end, the lesson learned would be that I was never meant to be a gambler,seeing the risk I took in making them.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to do:
Evil Eye Necklace
Twilight Earrings
Office Space
Pass out some business cards
...And as always, get a sale. The above 4 are probably a lot easier to do, even combined, than it is to get a sale at the moment.

OH the other thing I want to do within the next week or so is get a planter ready for a tomato plant to keep at my parents' house since we get no sun at our apartment. Yay!

I am getting tired of our apartment. In the last month or 2, it seems like the quality of people, at least in our stairwell, has really gone to crap... that's all I'm gonna say. But seriously, it makes me wonder if I need to like... load a gun at night. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but it's not such a stretch, either. Ahh... the joys of communal living. <3

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