Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours in a day...

Today has been so busy, I feel like I've had hardly any time for Etsy. I started my day taking my daughter to a reading circle at a library. She had fun, and I trampled a little kid. His mommy was... mean. Then, my friend and I took our girls to their swimming lesson, and then we went to lunch. When we got home, I got on Etsy to catch up on the latest, and I was so tired that I couldn't see straight. It was so strange. So, I napped, then got ready for work and went to work. Work was crazy- so many kids were disappearing today! Luckily we were able to get all of them out the door safely. Then, I photographed my newest listing in the shop:

I'm going to have to photograph the bracelet again because the lighting isn't quite the way I Like it, but it will work for now. Then, (obviously) I listed it. It got several views pretty fast! I just hope it sells soon! My stuff has got to get moving!!!

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be as crazy as today has been. I can't wait for things to settle back down again.

Thanks for dropping by!

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